Announcing a Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity for Up-And-Coming Writers

All the Training and Support You Need to Get Your First Paying Client

Go from an Absolute Beginner with No Portfolio or Experience to Watching Your First Paycheck Being Deposited in Your Bank Account

The hardest part about becoming a freelance writer is getting your first paying client.

For one, there’s the tactics. Where do you find work? What do you say? Should you have a contract? Do you need a website?

But that’s only half of the struggle. The other half is battling the never ending concerns, objections, and excuses that go through your mind!

A little voice in the back of your mind says, “You don’t have any experience. Why would anyone hire you?”

When you browse job boards, you also see companies paying absolutely pitiful rates, and you think, “I could never survive at prices like this! What’s the point of even trying?”

Yes, you’d love to get paid to write, but you need…

A Clear Path to Making a Good Living

And nobody gives you that.

Until now.

Imagine this…

Your phone vibrates. It’s an email alert from your bank notifying you that you’ve just received your first payment from your first writing client.

You click on the email and open your checking account.

The money’s already there. Already yours to spend.

And all you had to do was write a simple blog post. It was easy. You could repeat it over and over again with no problem.

It really doesn’t matter how much that first paycheck is for. Even if your first project isn’t a high-paying one, this is a big moment for you. A life-changing moment.

Because that first payment changes everything.

It starts a shift in your mind, showing you that it is possible to earn money as a writer.

It gives you a published piece to add to your portfolio, as well as giving you a potential source for a customer testimonial…

Both of which will make it even easier to get your next paying client (and help you justify higher and higher rates over time).

To sum it up…

Your first client is like a seed

A seed that you can grow into a great writing career.

And if a great writing career is what you want, this is your chance to get it.


A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity for Up-And-Coming Writers

Smart Blogger is creating a brand-new community where up-and-coming writers (like you) can get the training and support you need to kickstart your writing career.

You’ll get:

1. Feedback from World-Class Instructors

Our instructors include a blogger with over 200 million readers, a newspaper reporter of 20 years, and an editor who has coached writers for Forbes, Huffington Post, Lifehack and many others. You’re in good hands.

2. Step-By-Step Guidance

Want to level up your writing skills? Or maybe you’d like some guidance on getting clients? In either case, we have you covered with step-by-step instructions on exactly what to do (and when), so you’re never left wondering what to do next.

2. A Community of Your Peers

In the Paid to Write Club, you’ll have a chance to interact with up-and-coming freelance writers from around the world. Pass advice to each other, point out leads for work, and cheer each other on when you get great writing gigs.

You Can Do This

You're a Beginner? No Problem, We Got You

This is a community built specifically for beginners, helping you get started totally from scratch.

1. Wondering if you're good enough?

We give you an assessment to gauge your current skill level, plus advice on how to improve and get to the next level.

2. Never published anything?

We will guide you through writing your first post, plus give you opportunities to get feedback from our world-class writing instructors.

3. Clueless about getting clients?

We show you exactly how to do it, including step-by-step advice for getting your very first client.

Your Membership Includes...

Private Facebook Group

Talk with our instructors and hundreds of other up-and-coming writers. This is the core of the Paid to Write Club.

The Crazy Good Content Course

Step-by-step instructions on how to write posts clients are willing to pay for (and rave about).

Worksheets and Checklists

Never get confused about what to do next. Our worksheets and checklists guide you through everything.

Weekly Feedback Sessions

Every week, you’ll have the chance to get some quick feedback from our world-class instructors

Your First Client Course

Step-by-step instructions on how to get your first client, including where to find them and exactly what to say.

Regular Group Challenges

Need a kick in the backside? We will be hosting regular challenges where everyone in the group works together.


We Guarantee You Will Get Your First Client

Even If You’re a Total Beginner with No Experience Whatsoever

How can we be so confident?

There are three reasons:

Reason #1: Your first client is probably going to be a crappy one

Because listen:

Everybody starts at the bottom. We all have to pay our dues.

If you talk to any successful freelance writer, they will tell you a story about their clueless first client who didn’t pay them a fraction of what they were worth.

But it doesn’t matter!

Like I said earlier, your first client changes everything. It gives you proof that somebody is willing to pay for your work – and that proof is solid gold!

Once you’ve completed your first paid assignment, you can gradually increase your rates and begin working with better and better clients. You’ll get paid more, have more autonomy, and less frustrations.

It’s a truly wonderful lifestyle, but you can’t get there without going through a few headaches first. It’s just part of the deal.

And that’s why this community is so valuable.

We are here to support you through those tough first steps.

Not only will we train you, but we will encourage you, commiserate with you when things go wrong, and celebrate with you when you succeed.

For the first time, you won’t be doing this alone. 

You’ll have a community of hundreds of writers to support you, plus some of the greatest writing instructors  in the world helping you hone your craft.

Reason #2: We’ve trained thousands of successful writers.

Since founding Smart Blogger, the Smart Blogger team has trained thousands of new writers—many of whom have gone on to become well-known and highly paid in the industry.

Like Sarah Li Cain, a Smart Blogger-trained writer who makes over $1,000 per article writing for companies like WordPress and CNET.

Or Mel Wicks, who wrote this in a comment on my blog:

In other words, not only have we done it ourselves…we’ve also helped other people launch successful writing careers.

And I can do the same for you.

Reason #3: The opportunity out there is HUGE.

The content marketing industry is enormous, and it’s growing fast.

Take Upwork for example – one of meeting job sites for freelancers. In 2019, Upwork processed nearly $2.1 billion in freelancer payments:

And as I said, the demand is only getting bigger.

According to a recent Technavio report, the content marketing industry—which is already expected to be worth over $412 billion by 2021—will grow by an additional $269 billion through 2024:

That’s a mind-boggling amount of money that’s going to be spent on content (AKA writers) over the next 4 years.

Which means there’s never been a better time to make money as a writer.

And yes, that’s true, even in the current economy. Our students are still getting assignments and still getting paid. Here’s proof:

And here’s the thing:

You can do it too, even if you’re a complete beginner.

Yes, YOU.

Limited Time Opportunity

Here's Your Chance to Join the Paid to Write Club

The Paid to Write Club is the training community designed to teach budding freelance writers how to earn money writing.

It covers everything you need to know, including how to write great content and how to find clients willing to pay you. Plus, you’ll be joining a one-of-a-kind community full of bright people like you who are dedicated to making it as a freelance writer.


Helping You Become a Better Writer and Get Your First Client

Everything You Need

If your goal is to launch your freelance writing career, you'll have access to all the training you need, all in one place – everything from writing better to getting clients.
Join Now


Who Have Coached Writers for Forbes, Huffington Post, Lifehack, And More

Mentored by the Best

Our instructors include a blogger with over 200 million readers, a newspaper reporter of over 20 years, and an editor who has coached writers from top magazines like Forbes.
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Find New Friends among Our Hundreds of Members

Powerful Connections

Like any other career, freelance writing is about who you know, not just what you know. Make friends in the Paid to Write Club that you won't find anywhere else.
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The catch?

The doors are only open for a short time. Soon, we are closing down registration and focusing on helping our members as much as possible.

And here’s the bad news:

When the doors close, you’ll lose access to several bonuses we are reserving exclusively for our charter members.

Insanely Valuable Bonuses You'll
Miss Out On If You Wait . . . . .

Smart Blogger is creating a brand-new community where up-and-coming writers (like you) can get the training and support you need to kickstart your writing career.

You’ll get:

1. Lifetime Membership

In the future, we will be selling memberships to the Paid to Write Club For an annual fee, but as a charter member, you get a lifetime membership. No extra fees, ever!

2. The Popular Post Blueprint

We’re throwing in a bonus course that shows you how to create content that goes viral on social media. This content isn’t currently for sale elsewhere, but it’s included with your membership, free of charge!

Ready to join?

What Is The Value Of This Membership?

Well, let’s start by adding up the value of all the different components.

Lifetime Membership

Value: $299

Feedback from Instructors

Value: $199

Crazy Good Content Course

Value: $99

The Popular Post Blueprint

Value: $99

Get Your First Client Course

Value: $99

Group Skill-Building Challenges

Value: $99

Total Value
$ 0

But listen…

We know how difficult it is to get started. That’s why we are giving our charter members a truly special (even shocking) price.

You can get a lifetime membership to the Paid to Write Club for only…

Your price is... $894

Click the button below to discover how low your price really is…

But You Have To Sign up Now to Take Advantage of This Special Price

As I’ve said, the Paid To Write Club is open for enrollment for a limited time only.

I don’t know when we’ll open up enrollment again, and when we do, the price will likely be significantly higher.

I’m pricing this low right now because it’s our initial launch, and I want to get enough people inside to have an engaged and thriving community.

But going forward, I’ll have to raise the price tag. (Especially since my team and I will be dedicating so much time to making sure our members succeed.)

So what are you waiting for?

This Is the Only Program That Guarantees Your First Paying Client

You can search the web until the index finger of your mouse hand is blistered over…

You still won’t find anyone else willing to guarantee you’ll get your first paying client.

And as I said, that first paying client changes everything.

Once you get that first paid project, the second comes so much faster and easier…

And it only gets easier and easier as you accumulate more experience, more testimonials, and a more comprehensive portfolio.

If you apply yourself to this program, you can quickly get to the point where you’re making $500-$1,000/month…

And believe me, there’s the potential for much, MUCH more.

It’s not at all a stretch to say that the cost for this group will pay for itself many, many, many times over.


What Are Other Students Saying?


Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer: it’s the difference between being an amateur and a pro.

The Paid to Write Club is built for beginners who might not be sure they want to become a freelance writer yet. You can pick up the basic skills, get your first client, and see if it’s right for you. It’s a way to “dip your toe in the water” without much risk.

If you enjoy it, our Content Marketing Certification will take you to the next level. You’ll learn advanced search engine optimization (SEO) skills that will set you apart from other freelance writers, allowing you to charge much more for your services.

Just to give you an idea, our average Paid to Write Club member might only earn $20 for their first article – and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a fine place to start and build your confidence.

But our Content Marketing Certification graduates make much more – typically, anywhere from $200 to $500 per post. At the same time, earning those rates requires months of intense study and practice, so it’s a much larger commitment.

The short answer: it depends on your skill and experience levels. That’s why we start the Paid to Write Club with a self-assessment.

From a more practical perspective, you’re really asking two questions:

  • If you’re a complete beginner, how much can you expect to earn from your first post?

    The no BS answer: probably $10-$20. You won’t stay at that rate, but we all have to start somewhere.

  • If you stick with it, how much can you expect to eventually make?

    The no BS answer: If you continue upgrading your skills, you can eventually earn $100,000+ as a writer. Typically, it will take you at least a few years to build up to that level, but it’s more realistic than you might think. We have multiple students doing it.

You have up to 6 months to take advantage of the guarantee. That gives you MORE than enough time to get your first client.

But you also have to do the work, and we want to see you actively attempting to move through the materials and interact with the community. If you get stuck, by all means ask for help!

This community is for people who take action. If you don’t actually want to be paid to write an article, it would be silly to sign up, but if you are ready to do the work, we will help you make it happen!

Not at all. Here’s how it works:

You can study any of the included courses whenever it suits you. They are available “on demand” and ready for you to review anytime.

If you have a question, or you would like feedback, you can also submit it to our instructors. You can then come back later to find your answer.

In other words, The Paid to Write Club was built to work with any schedule and on any time zone. We have students from all over the world, and we wanted to include you all!

It depends. If you’re committed to learning to write in English, you can still learn a lot from this program. We have many students who are not native English speakers who become successful writers in English.

 But if you want to write in another language, I wouldn’t recommend signing up. Our instructors wouldn’t be able to give you feedback, and the market for writers in other languages is much different.

Yes! Clients aren’t hiring you for your subject-matter expertise. They are hiring you for your writing skills.

In many cases, you will interview the client to obtain the needed subject matter expertise. This allows you to write about virtually any topic.

Now, does it HURT to have some familiarity with popular niches? Not at all. If you’re familiar with business, parenting, or tech, you’ll be able to learn faster.

But it’s by no means a requirement. The only requirements are that you have a natural curiosity and that you enjoy writing!

Absolutely. In fact, that’s the wonderful thing about being a freelance writer:

You can pick and choose the clients and topics you want to write about.

Are you interested in finances? Curious about health & fitness? Passionate about politics?

Imagine how rewarding it will be to get paid to write about the topics you love!

Now, I won’t lie to you. Your first couple of projects may not be on your favorite topics. But that’s to be expected—as a brand-new writer, sometimes you have to take what you can get until you’ve got your feet wet.

But as you become more and more experienced, you can absolutely direct your career to focus on the topics you want to write about.

Sign up now. No question about it.

Even if you don’t have time to start this minute, that’s OK. This program can be completed at your own pace. You’ll get lifetime access to the group, and there’s no deadline to complete the courses or use the other materials you’ll receive.

But remember, there IS a limited window of time to join. If you’re not in by September 28, 2020…then you’re out. And I honestly don’t know when we’ll open our doors again.

Bottom line: if you want to get paid to write, this is your opportunity. Don’t miss it.

Join The Paid To Write Club And Make Your Dream A Reality

OK, this is it.

Decision time.

Because let’s face it: if you leave this page without making a decision now, chances are good you’ll forget about this opportunity and end up missing out.

I don’t want that to happen.

Because I know from experience how incredibly validating it is to get paid for what you write.

It may sound like a lofty goal, but it’s within your grasp…

All you have to do is join the Paid to Write Club now, and I guarantee you’ll get your first paying client sooner than you ever thought possible.

Click this button to join now, while you still can, for the lowest price you’ll ever see:

Got Questions? Connect with Our Customer Support Team

Email or call (877) 870-6957.